Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another project started.

We walk the horses from the barn to the pasture every morning, then back to the barn every night. They really need a run in shelter out in the pasture then they can pretty much just leave them out there all the time. So today we got started on a new project.

 The daily walks aren't all that bad...Hayden and Scooter are becoming a cute little team.

Started up one of the big burn piles, it is a little harder than expected. We got half of the pile to burn but the rest died on us while we were busy elsewhere.
I love working outside on beautiful sunny days...
Kitsune has not completely learned her lesson after her kick...but she does keep a bit more distance.
Wrangler is such a good boy, he is still hanging around won't leave Kitsune's side.

Getting the posts set.

My allergic to the sun pale red head joined us for a little bit.

Hayden and Xan took turns sitting on Scooter while he ate. He is such a good boy to the kids.

Ready to make more progress tomorrow.

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