Thursday, April 28, 2016

On a stake out.

Shhh I'm on a turkey nest stake out. I managed to follow both girls back to their VERY well hidden nests, keeping a good 20 feet away and ducking behind trees. This is too much LOL.

I was able to snap a pic of one of the turkey nest so I got to do an egg count, 8 for her...hopefully I can get a pic of the other girls nest soon.

Daryl is awfully proud of himself...poor guy needs a good molt so his new feathers can emerge LOL.

The kids built popsicle stick rafts, then took them out to the mud puddles to have a raft race. I love all the nice weather and outdoor fun!

Lily has made a deal with her Dad, she has cut back her TV time to 1 hour a day and plays outside for at least an hour....if she does this for a week we will buy her a hermit crab. She has wanted to call the deal off at least once a day...but she is doing it.

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