Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools is not all fun and games.

Ava had her recheck today. The vet said her leg is looking good. Sadly the growth test came back a sarcoid...which means it is highly likely to come back. I'm looking into some turmeric concoctions that may help.

She did a pretty good job loading up...she looks so small in there LOL.

When we loaded up Ava, Scooter busted out of the fence and came running to the trailer. Remember how I said they may be a little too good of friends. We had to leave him in a stall for the 90 minutes we were gone, just to be sure he couldn't bust out. Came back to a sweated up horse...silly boy.

Finally get your farm quad fixed and running. As your hubby backs it out of the truck bed if flips over, he bails off, it crashes into the truck breaking its tail light. Then the fricking thing won't run. No, this is not an April Fools joke Grrr.

My kids don't think this is gross...yet. Hubby and I were doing a little dancing without music, Xander grabbed my phone and took this pic without being asked. Sweet kid.

I did my first buck banding today, with a little help from Jason....who felt bad for poor Uno. The plier looking things pop open with 4 prongs when you squeeze the handles. With it still closed you place a special tiny rubber band over the tips. The pliers then are squeezed so the rubber band is stretched open. You pull both testicles through the rubber band, making sure you get both and not either nipple. Then you carefully pop the rubber band off the pliers leaving them around the testicles. There is a bit of pain for a couple hours, but most...including Uno, act normal as soon as you let them go. You leave the band on until the testicles shrivel up and fall off, due to cutting off their blood supply with the band. Now you too know more than you ever cared to about removing goat balls LOL.

Other than having to touch goat junk, it was pretty easy...on my end at least.

Sorry buddy, this is no April fools joke.

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