Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hayden and Heidi Forever.

This weekend has been amazing...80 degrees, sunny and full of fun family time. I'm so bummed that my sister and nieces didn't pick this weekend for their visit from Colorado, next weekend is supposed to be all

It has been a bit since I got some pics of the goaty goats. The baby girls are getting so big.
They are all so beautiful.

My adorable Lulu.

Heidi has grown on much that I can't let her go.

Hayden was super excited when I told her that she gets to keep the little goat she fell in love with. I have decided to sell Dolly and am so happy that the people that took her brother Uno are taking her.

That Heidi...she is a little sweetie!

A little hay ride on the farm.

Our neighbors were nice enough to help Jason get the 2 tons of hay into the barn loft.

In other news... That awesome feeling when you put on a brand new pair of jeans that you just bought, only to find out they're too big. So you brave the scale and are happily surprised that you have lost a lot more weight than you thought. Bummer brand new jeans that don't fit...wahoo the scale loves me again.

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