Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More projects...and nest hunting.

I got a couple chairs off Craigslist for $20....time for some more chalk paint magic.

They are drying...and still need to be waxed, hopefully after a wax they will look more gray/green and less baby blue.

Jason got my mantle made...sanded and stained too. I love it.
Now we can rock up the rest of the wall. Can't wait to be all done.

I think our bacon seeds may be arriving late next month for Wild Style, we shall see.

Probably a little longer for Unipiggie.

President Business seems proud of himself LOL.

Half of my chickens and both turkey hens have decided to hide their eggs about the property. How the heck am I going to find hidden eggs in all this...the Easter Bunny has nothing on my girls. If anyone needs me I will be spying on the chickens and trying to follow them to hidden nests LOL. I feel like a creeper Hahaha.

Spring is in full swing and everything is so beautiful.

Some goat loves out in the sunshine.

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