Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beautiful day at the beach!

I don't know how it happened, but a weekend that was supposed to be nothing but rain turned out to be gorgeous instead. We spent the whole day at the beach and Fort Steven's today with everyone. I tried my best to weed my hundreds of photos down.

Hailee got a turn to drive on the beach.

Allie and Co drove Jason's truck...lots of smiles, a few screams and plenty of cookies in the sand ensued.

Everyone got a turn at the wheel.

As the kids in our car got done with their turns they jumped in the bed of Auntie Allie's fun mobile.

Kitsune did not actually get a turn.

She did love playing keep away with the guys.

Run, run, run.

Hayden is always on the hunt for neat finds.
We headed over to the Fort Steven's base. Keep away continues.

We discovered a new Kitsune trick. She is such a beast...what an athletic dog.

She jumped it with no hesitation or problems.

Back out with her toy.

I got the kids to cooperate for a few photos. Such cuties!

My handsome boys.

All the girl cousins...except for Miss Allyson in Iowa.
Kitsune's toy accidentally ended up stuck in a tree. Adam risked life and limb to climb up and get it down....only to have Kitsune forget it there when we left, doh.

Miss Rowan, your Auntie loves you!

A little snack at the fort bakery.

Going in...Kitsune wasn't bothered by the pitch black, she was at the lead the whole time.

Fun in an Army truck.

She has been such a good girl this trip.
Those freckles!!!

Everyone but the baby wanted a pic on the stairs.
One of my many faves from today!
Brothers and Sisters...we miss those that couldn't be here.
Thanks brother LOL.

Auntie Amber and Hailee.

Studying some flowers.

Back to the beach one more time.

More keep away, this dog can go all day.

Cutest Yoda look alike ever.

Uncle Rick and Cousin B.

She wanted to bite the waves...and Dutchies are supposed to be smart LOL.

Someone got caught in the ship wreck as the tide started coming in

Then these three got knocked down by a little wave..time to go home LOL Such a great day, I am already sad the Allie and Co leave tomorrow.

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