Saturday, April 23, 2016


Since the weather was supposed to be crappy we had told the kids we would hit up Wunderland. The sun was out again, but we were held to our word by the minions. Fun was had by all....and 5 cent games still rack up quite the tab LOL.

Jericho actually landed the 1,000 pot with this shot!

Then he was hooked and he had to keep going.

We had some claw game winners too.

So proud!

Xan with a win....we ended up needing a plastic bag to carry around all the loot.

Jason and I had to terminate some bad guys.

Jericho trying to back up his Dad.

Despite the mean mug Allie n Co had fun too.

Lily worked hard for this lil Princess ducky.

My win went to Lydia.

This part takes forever. Fun few lets go grill some ribs! Hitting the beach tomorrow!

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