Monday, April 9, 2012

3 against 2.

Today was beautiful, I can not wait for full on summer!!!

The kiddos got to go outside and play with their new water toys. They would suck the water up out of their water table and shoot it off in the grass...once we told them to stop squirting each other LOL.

Hayden Cheyenne don't you dare!

Jericho adores his brother and sisters, I sure hope they always treat him like one of the gang...he would be so crushed if they started to exclude him.

Jericho loves splashing...he got totally soaked.

The triplets decided it would be fun to aim their water toys over the fence and soak the dogs. The dogs did not much appreciate it LOL. They were saying "1,2,3 fire" LMAO!!!

I had to take a couple pics of Jericho. I was getting him changed out of his wet clothes and he was, um, cracking me up. I told him you need a license to show that much plumber crack :)

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Christine Roosa said...

I bet as they all get older the boys and girls will play separately. But Jericho will likely be included in something. It's nice that you have 2 and 2.

My mom's friend says you should always have an even number of kids so that they can branch off into pairs to play and nobody gets left out.

The trio will always look out for their baby brother.