Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paint and a smile!

Jason was working a double today, grrr I didn't get to sleep in LOL. I woke up to the sound of the triplets in the livingroom, I guess they were too excited to play more with the new toys Grandma brought over yesterday. I head out there and Haddie proudly comes up to tell me how she got their door unlocked and let her, her brother and sister out. At least they had stuff to keep them occupied so they stayed out of trouble.

After breakfast we did a couple little painting crafts, and the kids enjoyed doing their first watercolor coloring books. The books were a hit, even though staying in the lines and picking the "right" colors for things are still not concepts they get.

Lily did her hand and foot prints first for our 1st craft, so she got started on her watercoloring while Hayden, Xander and Jericho got their prints taken. Of course Haddie had to do hers herself.

Then everyone got to do some watercolor pictures, Mom even helped a little.

Then the girls made some thumbprint flowers, another Pinterest gem, they turned out so cute.

Our finished products!

These were supposed to be the Earth made out of a hand and a foot print...I don't know that they came out quite right.

Later the girls were being so sweet to Jericho, I had to take some pics of how happy they were making him. He jumped in this wagon and the girls pulled him around while he laughed and screamed. It was the cutest thing ever! This little wagon has provided years of fun.

Such a ham :)

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