Monday, April 16, 2012

Here birdie, birdie, birdie.

School day today and the girls wanted to wear "beautiful skirts" they were so happy they even did a little posing :)
Xander, a jeans and Tshirt kinda guy LOL

After school I put a couple braids in Lily's hair, and surprise surprise Hayden let me put a couple in her hair too!

Are they the cutest or what?

She is even cuter when she has her hair out of her face :) sweet girls.

The kids were out in the yard playing with Jason yesterday when they noticed our very empty, haven't been used in years, bird feeders. They asked what they were, and got all excited about feeding birds. So today we bought a giant bag of seed and the kids helped fill up the houses.
They had so much fun, even Jericho got to help a little...he got fired for trying to eat the seeds though.
Tip for refill time: Do it outside!

We all headed out to hang them up. The kids were very impressed with their Daddy's tree climbing.
After Jason got down Jericho just stood there, sizing up the tree. I could tell what he was the bar stools, next week this tree. LOL. Since we are talking about him. Jericho is saying more words, Momma, Daddy, bye bye, high five (not perfect but you know what he means,) something that sounds like up and something else that sounds like out. He has also started watching the signing movies...he is pretty good at bath :)
The triplets were so excited to see birds eating their seeds they refused to go back inside. They started running around in circles, chanting here birdie, birdie, birdie. We tried to tell them the birds liked it quiet, but their bird dance continued. Sadly no birds showed up, so we convinced them to pack it up and check for birds tomorrow.

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