Thursday, April 26, 2012

Needles and scary movies.

Awww this brought back some memories. And reminds me, again, that we need a bigger bed :) Jason let the kids all come in to "wake" me up this morning, instead they all decided to get under the covers and take a nap with me LOL

A little blast from the past...we all fit a lot better when they were tiny.

Once we got up and going, the kids had an appointment with a Dtap vaccination. They did really great, only Hayden freaked out. They had a lot of fun in the waiting room :)

When we got home Xander decided to share the stickers he got at the Doctors. He shared them with the cats because apparently they made them "so happy." I did not have the heart to tell him just how unhappy they would be when we were yanking the stickers out of their fur. Before I could get to gently pulling the stickers off Xander snatched them off super fast, hair and all. The cats were stunned and just sat there. They almost seemed to appreciate it when Xan took the yanked out fur piece by piece off the sticker and tossed back on the cats LMAO!

We forgot to check back packs after school...oops. Some recent school art that was sent home :)

It was Uncle Skunk's birthday on Tues., so today Jason and I went out with Scott and Amber for dinner and a movie. Cheesecake Factory was awesome, The Cabin In The Woods was pretty good. Not as scary as it might of been had I not recently jumped on the Walking Dead (God I hate zombies) bandwagon, but it was alright.

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