Sunday, April 1, 2012

I have no good April Fools jokes to pull today.

Lily pulled one on me though. She was sent to her room for a time out this morning, I went in a few min later. No, she did not trash the room in a tantrum...they do this every morning playing with each other before we come get them.
So I walk in the room and she is not it her bed. I call out where is my Lily, and I hear a little giggle. Then I notice the blankets under the bed, so I start asking where is Lily, is she under the answer just more quick giggles. I start to walk to her bed to get her out from under there when the stacked up basket moves. I had no idea she was in there, she laughed huge and said "look Momma you can see me in the window." I had to take a pic, so I told her not to move and ran for my was just too cute.
Lily looking out the window LOL.

We did some word and number puzzles today. I have not been playing teacher nearly as much as I should be, but I was impressed that the kids recognize some of their letters!

I love big happy smiles. Lily Bug you are so cute <3

Jericho found a new fun way to play with an old toy Hahaha. 

Some video, the penguin waddle and a dash for the bed time diaper change :) Look out, flying 15 month old LOL. They are like 20 or 30 seconds each.

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