Monday, April 23, 2012

It's all happening at the Zoo.

It hit around 83 today, it is supposed to be back in the 60s tomorrow, so we decided to hit up the Zoo! It was beautiful, a tad busy though...thank goodness it was a Monday afternoon and not a Saturday. Xander, Hayden and Lily did really great...they stayed with us, didn't run off, listened and really enjoyed all the animals. Jericho was stuck in the stroller for most of the trip but he had a good time too. Grandma came with us, the kids really miss seeing her all the time like they were when I was on jury duty.

Lots of the big animals were snoozing away the hot afternoon. You can see Hayden's new "do" of choice leaves her neck vulnerable to a little sun burn. We will be doing a better job on that spot.
Little cheese factory :) He is cute, and he knows it!

Checking out the Hippos...I am still sad they will not be here much longer. I hope they are going to love their new Zoo.

Our little family band...get down!

Pointing out the baby Elephant, he has gotten so big. He is going to have a baby brother or sister the end of this year! Yay for more babies :)
Miss Lily got tired and started riding more than walking.

Xander checking out the "pirates".
We tried to get a family pic...LOL the trio were being so silly!!!

Lily can not smile any bigger hahaha!
Oh, maybe she can :)

That is an Anaconda LilyBug...he could swallow you whole.

A break to act like monkey's.

He has got it! The girls, not so much.

I think they were plotting on my kids.

Jericho thought so too hehehe.

Hayden took a turn pushing her brother around...she still can't steer LOL.
The Polar Bears were very active...dang they are big!

This one jumped on top of this gigantic ball with all 4 legs and rode it under the was really cool.

A little cool off in the beach spray.

Checking out the seals...they are huge too!

Back home the kids were ready for a snack and then wanted to head back out side.

Ugh, I look tired...but my kids are cute so I will share :)
Bubbles, bubbles are always fun.

So is crawling on top of the picnic table.

Jericho loves his big brother and big sisters so much. He is learning so much so fast. I just hope potty training is another thing he will do early LOL.

My cutie pie Haddie!
Out of the blue Xander came up to me and put these, um, flowers in my hair...I haven't broken it to the kids that they are weeds hehehe.

The girls joined in too. The kids have started noticing our family and extended family, the other day Lily was looking at a group photo from her Uncle Skunks wedding. She turns to me and says "Oh Momma I love having a big family." I think my heart almost burst, it was just the sweetest thing. I told her, in complete honesty, that I do too.


Christine Roosa said...

You have a FANTASTIC zoo!!! My zoo doesn't have hippos or polar bears. I miss those animals the most.

TripMomma said...

I never much appreciated it as a kid, go figure, but you are right it is an awesome zoo. I think they have just about all the "biggies" and a lot of the less thought of animals too.