Saturday, April 7, 2012

That bunny can't come in.

We had a full day of fun today...tons of pictures to share!
We met up with our friends Nick and Lisa and their cutie Kenzie, to join a little Easter egg hunt at a giant tulip farm. We had such a great time, the triplets were told about today's plans last night...boy were they eager to go to bed so they could get up and "hunt the eggs". Lily was up bright and early, and all she could talk about was Easter eggs and chocolate :)

Sweet girls <3
Jericho is ready to go, basket in hand!
And they're off! The kids were grouped by age. Jason went with the trio and I stayed with Jericho. He did not have much luck...his one and only egg LOL.
Xander did much better.
So proud of their spoils.

Not many of the tulips were blooming yet, but there were some...enough for smelling for sure :)

Trying to get everyone together in one pic.
Family picture too :)

They had so much fun stuff going on besides the flowers and the egg hunt. They had a great little play area with a tire swing and play house.
My three tulips :)

While the big kids played, the little one tried adding to his basket LOL.

My kids thought the little play house and area was fun. Then we hit this part of the tulip farm!

Ducky races...they were water pumping pros by the time we dragged them away to do something else.
Of course we had to hit up the little sandbox for a bit.

The monkey, he wanted to climb everything.

Haystack jungle gym!

When you have triplets, not to mention a 4th tossed in for good measure, you become hyper aware of where your kids are. We thought we were pros at this...well Xander had to test us a couple times. Now I know when someone says "I only had my head turned for a second" yeah, totally true. He would dash off and be at the other end of the place in seconds. We were over playing on the haystack when all of a sudden Jason looks over at this huge slide and saw Xander up at the top ready to go down. Hayden waited for us to go over, and she was a little can see she is holding up the line a bit, but she went down it too! Lily and Jericho passed this time :)

The name of the farm is WoodenShoe, so they had giant "carts" made to look like shoes...the kids loved them.

Jericho, nice try buddy LOL.

Another stop at the sand box.

Cute lil tulips, Jericho and Kenzie :)

We did a little cow ride, everyone loved it...even Jericho was laughing and woooing the whole way.
Funny, LilyBug got the Lilly cow.

Woohoo here we go!!!

Coming back, thumbs up from the kids!

After we left the farm it was lunch time. We stopped at Red Robin, the triplets were a-ma-zing. I love it when you are out with company and your kids act like near perfect Angels! It was such a beautiful day, it has been raining for ever, I just didn't want to go home. So we hit up a park and kept the good times rolling!

I have never seen a swing like this...everyone had to have a turn :)

After we played for an hour and a half we took a 30 min walk. Our silly trio are walking backwards LOL.

They were so ready for bed tonight. Though we did have to avert a small disaster right as we were putting them to bed. Jason and I were telling the kids that the Easter Bunny was going to come and hide eggs and bring them baskets. Haddie starts asking just who this bunny is. We tried to explain but she was not at all going for it...she was looking a little scared and said that she didn't want the bunny to come in our house. She was totally serious, we had to make a deal that he would hide the eggs and leave the baskets out side only. She felt better and passed out, the Easter bunny was not happy...and my cute idea from Pinterest to but little bunny prints all over the house for the kids to see were dashed. Oh well maybe next year LOL.

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