Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sorry Hayden, that is one thing I can't give you.

I have had it with Jericho's climbing, you will notice the kitchen and other step stools are missing. So naturally this means there would be more fighting over the zillion toys that were left to play with. You can't win, can you?!
It starts out so nice, with all 4 playing together.

Soon there is toy stealing, and Lily does all she can to take down the culprit.

From fighting to running around cheering for Xander's car winning...against Xander's other car LOL.

Then Grandma shows up with a giant bag of goodies for the kids!

Oh there will be fighting over this guitar, I can tell already.

The doll house was a big hit too.

Rock star Xander...dig the glasses, eat your heart out Elton :)
How does my 3 1/2 year old look like such a big kid?

Now on to Hayden's funny of the day. I was wondering if penis envy would start in our house, and it has. Hayden was telling me how her Daddy stands up to pee and she wants to too. I had to break the news to her that Daddy has a penis and stands up, but girls have a vagina and sit down. So Hayden tells me she wants a penis, I told her that I was sorry but she can't have one...she says but I really want a penis Bwahaha.

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