Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer is teasing us.

I did mention that I am ready for Summer to come, and stay, right? We have been getting a nice day or two, then the rain shows back up. Come on stop teasing us!

Xander's EI therapist came today, this was the first time I have been home for a session since I started the whole jury duty thing. It was so cute to see how Jericho sits right down in line and joins in LOL.
We also got some good news, the triplets will be changing schools, they will still be "peers" in the Head Start PreK, but will be going to the school that is only 2min from us and they will be going 3 days a week instead of 2. That will start up in July, I can't wait!
After the EI session today we headed outside to enjoy yet another tease.

Jericho, of course, has become a fan of this climber/clubhouse toy. He figured out how to go up the ladder and down the slide by himself.

He felt more comfortable going down on his belly :)

Some days I find the kids toys in the strangest was one of those days. Not once, but twice, I found parts in strange predicaments. LOL

These were taken yesterday. It was a cold and rainy day, my husband...who thinks he is part Eskimo, had our heat turned down due to the previous nice day being warm. When I realized I was chilly I turned on the heat and both my boys flew to the vents. I noticed Xander doing this long ago, when the heat kicks on he will stop whatever he is doing and tell us he needs to "go get warm" then he runs over to the vent and sits or stands on it until the heat kicks back off. Today Jericho went to one vent while Xander took another, and they both stood tunring slow circles like they were rotissering themselves. Ah my boys take after their Momma...normally I would be fighting for a vent myself, but I let them have it. I am so nice, I should give myself a cookie :)
Silly girls. Hayden says "Hey Momma, watch this trick" then flipped backwards in her chair. This is her new fave statement, along with "Hey you guys, check this out" LOL.
Jericho is hit and miss with his nap somedays. Today was a pass out on the floor kind of day <3

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