Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A girl in demand.

We are doggy sitting this big lug for a few days, and of course Don Juan decides he needs to be here too. It seems that Kitsune has a couple of admirers, that do not exactly get along. What's a girl to do when two boys think they are her one and only...awkward LOL.
Poor Lycan keeps getting beat up by Wrangler. He is to pretty to get worked over Hahaha.

5 days of running on the farm is going to work muscles Lycan never knew he had.

Kitsune also has human admirers. These pictures suck because I didn't want them to know I caught them playing. It was too cute.

I'm not sure why Xander wanted her to wear the towel...but she was a pretty good sport about it.

Thanks for being such a good girl Kitsune.
A couple funnies courtesy of Hayden and Lily today.
Hayden: Sleeping in her underwear makes it faster for her to get dressed in the morning.
Lily: While she loves the farm, she is not really an outside person.
Hahaha good to know, thanks girls.


Melissa said...

Hi. I am owner of Kludde and heard you were interested in Kludde-Twixx puppies. They were born yesterday, a big litter.

You can seem more about my pooch here-

TripMomma said...

Thanks Melissa. Your boy is very impressive. I think we have decided to stay FCI and 100% Dutch. Best of luck with the pups!