Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Almost ready for a cozy fire.

We got the rock wall done, for now. We can't decide if we want to put the mantel on and then continue rocking all the way up, or stop with the mantel like we originally planned. We need to go find the wood to make our mantel first. Jason got the holders placed in the wall and then we rocked over them so they will be invisible.
Dang he does good lucky to have such a handy hubby!

Can't wait to add the mantel and stove.
Our first bunnies will be here later this month. We plan to make them some nice cages and bunny tractors, but those will be projects for I grabbed this off Craigslist, never can have too many cages when you live on a farm full of critters LOL.
The baby chicks are growing, finally able to boot them outside into the grow-up coop and run. Cinderella so far is still a girl, I think.
Unfortunately I am almost positive that Snow White is going to need a more masculine name....if he stays, jury still out on that. I kind of want to stick to Salmon Faverolle roosters, but if he is pretty and nice he may be able to stay.
Good night Pleasant Dreams Farm.

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