Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gonna be toasty up in here.

Spent the morning with these two, while we had a couple guys putting our new wood stove in.
The big kid took the little kids toy, so the little kid amused himself on the big kids phone games.
Silly boys.
Look close, can you spot the spoiled dog? And he wonders why she always wants to jump on him and why she insists on climbing in his lap.
It is quite the process to professionally install a wood stove, it took 2 guys nearly 4 1/2 hours.

Kitsune got to model her new harness today, it's a little big but will do the trick. She also suckered the install guys into throwing her frisbee every time they went in or came out our front door. They left big fans of the Dutchie LOL.
She has that effect on people.
Our first fire...I love it, can't wait to really put this baby to use this winter. Do you see the figure of a little kitty or pokemon in the fire?
So the "To rock all the way up or not" dilemma has been solved. To keep the pipes exit to the roof in the corner they ended up 1/2" too close to the wall for non combustible materials. So this ugly black plate will have to stay on our wall until we buy more rock and go all the way up with it.
It is looking good over here though. Finish with the rock, paint the ceiling and put in the french doors and I can declare this room done.

In other news, the teachers union for our school district has decided to strike. My kids got a whole 2 weeks of education...now they are back home until a contract can be worked out. Wonder how long this will take.

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