Thursday, September 3, 2015

Showing Auntie Stacie around the farm.

Grandma and Auntie Stacie spent the day with us on the was a blast. They got here before the trio got home from school, and since it was a surprise visit the kiddos were totally excited to have their Grandma and Aunt jump out from behind a couple trees to scare them along their walk up the drive way.
Then we got started giving Stacie a farm tour....and picking blackberries for Grandma to make a yummy dessert with.

Introducing Auntie to Mulan...she is one of the sweetest of our flock, and a kid fave.

Lots of wooly bears around the farm right now...we saw at least 5 today.

Grandma meeting the piggies.

Getting stuck with thorns and stinging nettles is worth it, if Grandma is making blackberry cobbler for dessert. Bonus when Auntie Stacie and Grandma help do the picking, and take over all the cooking.

With 6 pickers, one photo snapper, and 1 PITA dog...our buckets filled up fast.

We have tons of blackberries on the farm, we stopped by like 5 different areas on our property to pick.

Kitsune found some small burrs or something, it was fun picking them all off.

Checking out some slugs.

More wooly bears.

The recent rains are starting to perk our dried out pastures up a bit.
Jason got home and the hijinks ensued.

Grandma told Stacie that was dangerous, but her children did not listen. Of course Xander thought it was dangerous too, then added "Grandma, your daughter is crazy." Followed up with "If she falls off she will learn her lesson." LMAO!!

Thankfully no one fell off. Even when all 8 of us piled on the quad, Jericho and Jason driving the rest of us in the trailer...a true hillbilly hay ride LOL.

Catching some grasshoppers.

The kids ate as many as they put in the buckets I think...but we had plenty for a huge batch of blackberry cobbler.

Puzzles while we wait for dinner.

Lots of cooks in there...I was more than happy to clear out ;)
A final game of tug of war with Auntie before they headed home. The kids were sad to see them go. Come back for more fun on the farm soon!

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