Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hayden to the rescue.*

My feed and storage shed is still coming along....sloowwwlllyyy but it will get there.
Jason had a little help today, but Haddie wasn't loving all the noise.

Kitsune, and her toy, ready for know just in case Jason felt the sudden need to put the drill down to throw her frisbee.
I thought for sure the first one stuck in a huge hole would be Jericho...well I was wrong.
Hayden decided to go on a wooly bear rescue mission. The huge holes that we had dug out for our future pole barns posts have become a death trap. I think a mouse or two have died in a couple, and lots of wooly bear caterpillars seem to make their way down the holes but not many come back up. Since these will eventually be filled with concrete Haddie wanted to save the critters. So of course my little farm girl jumped down in the hole all by herself...then realized she couldn't get herself back out. Dad helped her out.

Our itty bitty puppy is pretty much all grown up. She is 11 months old and just beautiful. She has turned out to be an amazing dog, she is great with the kids, turning into a wonderful farm dog, and loving learning on the IPO field. So very happy with this girl.
She is getting so ripped running around on our 10 acres all day every day...little beast!
She is not just pretty to look at...she is also an amazing athlete that can truly do anything asked of her. My friends son found out she can do this little trick totally by accident. The girl has springs.

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