Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don Juan still loves us.

Kitsune's other boyfriend...Lycan is of course her bethrothed, still shows up at least 3 days a week and spends pretty much all day hanging out. He is such a good boy, and he is helping show Kitsune that having doggy pals can be fun. She is still only 80% friendly with him...and can be quick to get bitchy, good thing he is bigger than her and has no problem laying down a little "be nice" ass whooping.

Jason is getting started on a little 8' X 8' farm feed and supply shed for me, can't wait to get it done.
After he got two sides done he, with help from Xan, made a new pig shelter. Jason has had it in for that wood box thing that was here when we moved since we got the pigs. He finally tore it down and put something temporary, yet much better, in its place. He needs to make the roof better, but the hay walls is actually genius. Xander didn't miss the whole "Three Little Pigs" house of straw parallel.

The pigs enjoyed their hay snack.
Kitsune can't decide if she wants to be friends, enemies or just boss them around. Thankfully they are big enough to teach her to have some respect for hogs, hope she learns before they are nearly 200 lbs and could do her real harm. Of course fatties would have to catch her first LOL.

President chub, better stop being so lazy...or you are going to end up on a diet LOL.

The youngest chicks are doing great, almost ready to move in with the big guys. Still pretty sure the one with red coming in on his wings and body is a male, Snow White is now Eugene AKA Flynn Ryder. I still have my fingers crossed that Cinderella will remain Cinderella.

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