Monday, September 28, 2015

My mini me.

We are ready to get a couple more pen areas fenced off. I think the pigs should move into their own pen, this would free me up to get some ducks and maybe turkeys in with the chickens in their giant pen. We also, hopefully, soon will be welcoming our two pregnant goats, they too will need their own pen. We need those goats...lots of brush for them to put work in on.

Today we just plotted out the area and ran string to line off the pens.
Ever vigilant.

Miss are looking much too grown up for 7, slow your roll baby girl.

My little mini me, 90% of the pictures I share on FB get tagged as myself...she is so much cuter than I am though.

The strike ended today, the kiddos were pretty excited to get back to school.

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