Friday, September 18, 2015

I'm with the band.

When the burned down and abandoned house next door has a complete, and most likely ruined, drum set sitting outside....a band is formed. The kids had a blast, the dogs wanted to attack the noise and lots of band names were thrown around LOL. Watch out Auntie Stacie, you are about to be hit up for a few spots in your band LOL.
Between sets, Xander helped his Dad get more of the shed finished.

It is coming along.

When we started this shed project it was originally going to also house our rabbits. Then I got to thinking the shed that was already here when we moved in would make a better bunny now we need to reconfigure this shed, along with finishing up the new one. Why is our project list always growing instead of getting smaller...oh, yeah, me with my bright ideas LOL.

Gotta get all the tools and junk cleared out, but it should work out great for the buns.

Looking good.

4 walls a floor and a we are getting somewhere.

Well the strike continues. Today a Judge ruled that the teachers strike is "illegal" and ordered the teachers back to work. Will the kids go back to school on Monday, stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.

 Silly Haddie. The kids don't seem to mind missing a week of school, my house minds has been a disaster every day.

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