Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jericho's BFF.

I love taking trips to the feed store, even when the chicks I was going to get were all already gone. Started my livestock medicine arsenal today. Hopefully everyone stays healthy, but just in case it is good to have stuff on hand. We are really lucky that there is a large animal vet 20 minutes from us too...and they don't cost an arm or a leg.
Jericho's BFF from pre-school made the hour + drive out to spend the afternoon on the farm. Jericho was so happy to see Zane, the two were inseparable and didn't annoy their siblings the entire 5 hours they were visiting.
Visiting the pigs and chickens.

Zane's big sister hit it off with Hayden and Lily...the girls were so excited to have a new little girl to play with.

Lucy loved the chickens.

Time flew and lots of fun was had by all.

Quad one can resist a quad ride.

Silly boys LOL.

Dinner was a lot of silliness too.

There were tears shed saying, not from Jericho or Zane of course, but Hayden was sad that Lucy was leaving LOL. No one can wait until our next play date.

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