Saturday, August 27, 2016

A ride on the beach.

Poor Lily, she has the most horrible parents...drag her to the beach on the last weekend before school starts.
Thankfully by the time we got there my grumpy Bug was in a better mood.

Of course that doesn't mean she wouldn't throw wet sand at her Dad for teasing her about her cranky red head tendencies LOL.

Beach hair.

Jericho always down for a fight.

My handsome sons...they are going to be trouble.

Lily is feeling better I think.

Or maybe one last attack on Dad.

Football fun.

Of course Hayden has an arm on her.
Lily is more play in the sand type.

My turn.

Great fun on the beach today.

Time to move it into Longbeach and check some stuff out. It has been many years since we were here. Thankfully with recent visits to The Enchanted Forest and Oaks Park the kids were not interested in any of the little rides here.

Always a fun place to kill time...and visit Jake the alligator boy.

Grandma Karen and Great Uncle Steve were going for a beach ride today, my wonderful hubby suggested I should join them. We used to come ride here about once a year before we got has been a long time. Still as fun as I remembered.
Hayden was a bit jealous that she didn't get to go this time.
Jason was nice enough to go find some entertainment with the kiddos while we were gone for about 3 1/2 hours.
They were whispering about getting elephant ears...Lily was worried I would be jealous, so Jason told her I don't really care for them. The witty red head then says "What did cinnamon ever do to her?" Which caused laughter from the crowd LOL.
Almost ready to get matched with our mounts. I used to ride a gorgeous gelding, he was a leopard appy named Apache...sadly I was told he passed away a number of years ago. Guess I will get to try out somepony new. Blast from the past...I actually have 1 old picture of me on Apache.

Just about ready to go...Karen got Betty, who treated her quite well on our ride. Steve asked for Gino again...he has ridden him the last few visits, though this time he was a bit of a butt head. I was set up with Amigo. He was OK...liked to be out in front, didn't like to be held back so we could canter a bit. After a few rounds of "I don't care if you get a little lite in the front you will wait so we can lope" we did alright. Of course my left stirrup fell right off my saddle, twice, thankfully I didn't lose my balance and fall...Amigo may have been trying to sabotage me...once I was trotting and the other time we were at a lope.

Big group of 13 of us, plus two "wranglers" on the 2+ hour dinner ride.
I love riding on the beach...need to bring Scooter out.

One of the "wranglers" keeping it fun.

A little fire and a steak dinner was waiting for us about an hour down the beach.

I had to be mean and text a pic of my dinner to Jason. For being such an awesome hubby I brought back half my steak, the potato and beans for him. Such a loving wife I am LOL.

The ride home was great...though my bony butt was done being in the saddle LOL. Super day!

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