Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Farmer status, just got real.

FYI castrating piglets is NOT as easy as tagging them. Our first go at it today with 3 of our 6 boys was a bloody hack job. I don't know who was more traumatized the piglets or the "farmers". Poor things, I hope they are OK in the morning, they looked very unhappy afterward, but at least they ate dinner so that is a good sign.

Totally should have rethought the tank, shorts and flip flops...even if it was like 95 degrees today. I got blood on my toe, and my favorite shorts Ewww LOL.

We are about ready to remove the male piglets for weaning. Momma's are getting a little thin, and President Business is getting a little fat off the extras we try to give the sows.
UniPiggie has 6 six week olds...she is hanging in there, but to keep her from getting too skinny we need to wean half the litter real soon.

Fatty Mr. President LOL.

Recovering from their ordeal with a little meal.

Hayden and Jericho sharing some snacks with the piggies.

Time to play with the babies. I love this breed...they are useful for food of course, but not too big and destructive to be fun as well.

Raven got her ear tagged today too.
Jericho...he has gotten quite good at front flips on the trampoline.

Grasshopper catching.

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