Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Amusement parks are so much more fun!

Big fun plans for today, but first Miss LilyBug needed an asthma check up. She got a couple new inhaler's, one for school and one for home. The Doc said she for sure breathes better with meds on board...though she is just below where they want her to be. For now she is on an as needed treatment plan, come cold and flu season the Doctor wants to put her on a daily maintenance dose.

Asthma test goofball.

Let the fun begin! We have missed hitting up Oaks Park the last couple of summers, this year we made last minute plans and had an absolute blast!
Jericho was big enough to ride all but the biggest 3 or so rides....the triplets were big enough to do it all! Now the amusement park is getting fun!
Jason got out of work early and met us, Auntie Amber and Hailee also came...as did our friends the Foglio's. It was a great group.

We started out slow.

The kids loved it all...no big ride only snobs here, at least not this year LOL.
Hahaha good times!

Selfies in the car ride.

One of our faves...we did this one a few times.

OK the one ride I for sure will not ride again....this thing is no fun for tall people.

We did this once with the trio....the next go just Jericho (who just was tall enough for it) and Lily went alone.

This one was fun...Jericho was not big enough, the trio just squeaked by. I rode it once...everyone else did it a couple times.

That is Amber and Hailee (in the neon) in the back seat, Jason and some lady in front of them, and Hayden and Lily in front of them LOL.

Did you have fun? Your face says....maybe not LOL.
Better Hahaha.

This time Xan wanted to go just once more...but we were all done. This kid, rode it by himself...sat alone even....that's him waving in the back seat. He has no fear sometimes.

You survived Xander, smile Hahaha.

We all lined up to play one game...2 adults we didn't know, me, Jason and like 7 or 8 kids. I never looked up, but I guess Jason and I were neck and neck. I won!! Lily got a "medium" sized stufftie of her choice...we were 2 people short of a large, but Lily didn't mind.
An Icee break...Lily never let go of her new friend.

Choo choo ride.

The little kids went on this, while the rest of us hit up the Screaming Eagle a few times.

I rode it first with Xan and Hailee. Hayden and Lily were too scared. It took some doing but we finally got Lily on...then she was a scary ride champ. These pics are from Jason riding with the trio. They had a blast.

They were all sitting next to each other.
It was hard catching them as they went by...but I managed to get a few cool shots.

One of the best ones!

My last ride of the day, an oldie but goodie, the Spider.

Selfies with the hubby XOXOX

What a great day...too bad summer is almost over, but today was a good way to start saying goodbye.

Last ride for the kiddos.

Good times guys...until next time!

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