Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I know these are a bit blurry but I had to have documentation LOL. Kitsune is a crazy crazy girl, anyone that has met her can confirm. She knows all of her obedience commands, but when we are out and about she likes to pretend that she doesn't. It was suggested to me a long long time ago to get a prong collar for her. I finally tried her on one, and am now kicking myself that I didn't listen sooner. It is like having doggie power steering!!!!! Today was our first trip through Home Depot with my new found was also the first trip where I left without red sore hands and strained muscles....for real. I know people look at those collars like they are torture devices, but when used properly they are an amazingly effective tool.

The kids.

Lily came out saying she was a clown...silly girl.

When your husbands riding boots are almost as big as your 5 year old LOL.


8 year check up...silly kiddos. I do not like clowns, but these 4 don't count LOL.
Xander 52 1/2" 80% 63lbs 72%
Hayden 53 1/2" 80% 68lbs 81%
Lily 52 " 75% 59lbs 57%

I think we might be right in the middle of a growth spurt....usually Hayden is a little over on her growth curve while Xan and Lily are right on. This time Hayden is right on and Xander and Lily are a tad under weight...per the Doc.
Such big kids!

Tonight's Lily funny. There was an odd man out garlic knot at dinner. I ate it and told the kids I did it for them, so they wouldn't argue. a sarcastic tone: Classy mom, real classy. LOL

Hubby has been busy making me more bunny 5 gallon water buckets are awesome too.
I love these things! Work smarter, not harder!

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