Friday, August 12, 2016

Sun, sand, fun and crashes.

A full day of full speed fun. The kids got started right away playing in the sand.

The grown ups had the fun of set up, while the dogs hung out in the trucks.

Kitsune was not pleased.

Good thing sand and toys can occupy them for hours.

Lily and Meadow had a blast playing together all day.

Kitsune had to keep telling Max to back off LOL.

After Jason and Derek got back from their 2 hour + long ride...he says he got stuck in a tree shot for almost an hour, uh huh. Xander got to take Cohen's little quad for a ride.

He  did pretty well...this was the first really solo rides, he could use some more steering and braking practice.

All the kids waiting for a turn.

When your little duckling gets too far out, you must jump on a quad and go retrieve him LOL. Too bad for Jason this is when his quad decided to die on him. He wasn't happy, but there were plenty of quads to borrow so we all still had fun. Just hope he can get it running again soon.

Nice job Xan!
Hayden was up next. Of course this girl is a natural.

She was ripping around turns, standing up, heavy leaning, trying to kick out one told her to do any of that.

Jason and I got to go on a little ride "date"....this was only my second day riding, I felt more comfortable than last time, did pretty good keeping up with my crazy hubby...even if I didn't do all the stunts that he tried to get me to do.
I lived LOL!

Tough guy. He wasn't happy to wait his turn for a second ride.

Jericho isn't quite ready to try the little quad on his year. He took a short ride with his dad.
He  loved it!

Hayden's second turn.
Kitsune wanted so badly to chase all the quads LOL.
Hayden was just ripping around all over.

Looking like a little pro.

You have to look at these next ones in a sequence...she was trying to whip a little 360 or something I think. Never got it, but she earned an A for effort LOL.

Little quad chick...too cute.
Then she had her first crash. She ran into an unexpected bump that sent her into a tree branch. She forgot to break, so when she drove up the branch as far as she could into the tree the quad did a back flip...with her still on it. We were watching but no one was close enough to stop it. I love the riding crowd...anyone goes down, especially a kid, and people just race to help. Jason and another guy got to her fast...I was right on their heels. We all saw her crawling out from under the quad and the tree. She wasn't crying at all, tough kid, and didn't get too hurt. Just a little road rash under her chin, on top of a couple fingers and some scratches on an arm. We had just convinced Lily to take a turn to.

As soon as we made sure Hayden was ok, Lily was like "I've changed my mind" LOL.

Haddie needed very little prompting, by her dad, to get back on the horse...err quad. She was just as brave and daring as before the crash. Something tells me that won't be her last one hahaha.

Go  Hayden!

Jason's friend Derek asked if I could try to get a wheelie pic of him...I got a few throughout the day, but this one was the best.
Dillon is graduating next year...his mom didn't want to spend a thousand on senior pics if she didn't have to so she asked if I would try to get something decent. Over the weekend I took maybe 20 decent pics of him. Here are a couple of my faves. Can't wait to see what he decides on.

This one was just for fun.

He  is a sax player.

Loved the beach photos.

The dogs, and kids, had fun spending sunset playing in the waves.

Kitsune's toy was wanted by all.

Meadow photo op.

A fave of Meadow.

Not dolphins...just dogs LOL.

Kitsune doesn't share well with others.

The boys splashed around.

Jericho trying to keep his pants dry...yeah not so much.

The girls dancing around in the setting sun light.

My  fave! May need this on canvas.


This is a canvas MUST.

Come on Jericho.

All the kids played until the light was about gone.
What a lovely day!

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