Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weaning can be rough.

We moved the 6 boy piglets to their own pen today. While I am sure weaning is no fun for any baby, these guys took it did their moms. I think the moms were probably more than ready LOL.

They are close enough to still hear each other, so the stress has been minimal. The little guys have moved over to where the adults used to was nice to have a pen ready.
7 weeks old, ready anytime in the next week to start heading to their new homes....that went fast.

The girls and Raven are still in with the moms and President Business. The two girls we aren't keeping are sold already...just waiting on pick up from their new owners.

The babes have figured out how fun mud is on a hot day.

Everyone is looking good. WildStyle and Unipiggie are lean right to be expected, but they don't look too drug down which is great.
Raven has been pretty much accepted now, she will still get chased here and there, but for the most part she is a part of the fam. That is her diving under WildStyle for food LOL.

The boys have already learned feeding time rocks, and are getting more friendly.
Chilling at the bachelor pad.

At least they have each other.

Everyone is settling in fine.
Our turkey couple hatched some more babies today...little cuties! I am not looking forward to winter, going to miss all the babies.

Hayden stumbled upon them and came running to tell me "the momma turkey has chickalets" LOL

She loves being a mom.
This girl is all grown up...isn't she stunning. In the sun she is nothing but a purple and green iridescent beauty.

All of our girls have Princess names...but this little home hatched olive egger has been named "Maleficent" it is just too perfect with her colors.

My Salmon Faverolle roo is growing up nicely too. He is pretty handsome.

This lovely girl is another one of our incubator babies all grown up. I will have to ask the kids if they have named her yet, I can't remember LOL.

Take good care of them big boy!

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