Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Getting ready for a weekend away.

Jason has been wanting to go to the sand with his quad since he bought it, um about a year ago LOL. So we finally made plans to spend a couple days in Pacific City with some friends. One of the few drawbacks to living on a little farm is the animals need care every day, this makes getting away very hard. Jason went to work on bunny feeders, bunny waterers, a chicken feeder, and he set it up for the neighbor to come feed the pigs and goats once a day. It is a lot of preparing and planning just to get away for 3 days. Then you cross your fingers and hope nobody gets sick or dies while you are gone.

Daryl is looking better these days, his feathers are coming in nice and he doesn't look all scragely anymore.
They have a new nest...can't wait to see how many hatch this time.
The goats got 3 buckets full of water, half a hay bale and the neighbor will feed them their goat chow once a day. We may need to cut back on the goat chow...the girls are getting chunky LOL.

 Um Lulu, the bench was brought in for people to sit on while they visit the goats...not for the goats to lounge on.

 The babies have grown so much. Such pretty does. Almost time to set up a new date for Taboo and Yahtzee!!!

The piglets are getting huge, a couple more weeks and they will be ready to start heading to new homes.

Ready for belly rubs...Tank is just the sweetest.
President Business has been indulging a little too much in the girls extra food...he has gotten quite fat.

Jericho found another baby bird. Thankfully he didn't "Lennie" it, little guy was safely released.
After a short game of pass the birdie of course.

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