Saturday, August 6, 2016

Annual family campout!

We hosted our annual family campout this year. Jason mixed up his weekends and thought this weekend was supposed to be 100, and I didn't want to leave the animals for 2 days. It ended up not hitting even close to 100, but we all had a great time anyway.

First order of business was to rescue a baby bird the kids found. Silly guy thought he would just swallow a long blade of grass, still attached to the ground. When the kids found him he was basically stuck. I picked him up and slowly pulled the grass blade out and out and out...I was worried his stomach would come out too. Eventually I got the whole long blade of grass out and he hopped off to his screeching parents. I think it is a Dark Eyed Junco. Good journey little dude, hope you make it.

Everyone started arriving around 2...and off the kids went to have fun. Xan and Mallory spent a lot of time on the zip line.

Baby Thomas, not quite 2 and already trying to follow the big kids. I love that the trio are so great with little kids.
Funny, I get absolutely zero twinges of baby done LOL!!

Hayden just might have an after school job babysitting one of these years, she is fabulous with kids.

What a cutie!

First campout game....the human pinata. Though I think zombie chase would be a better name. The kids all lined up and ran a race one time around the house.

Hayden won the a lot LOL.

Then 1st and 2nd place put on these T's with candy glued all over them.

Then they were told to run while all the other kids tried to catch them and snag candy off their shirts. RUNNNNNN!!!

The chase was on.

Kitsune had to be kept out of it...too many little moving targets LOL.

Levi was captured, the kids surrounded him snatching candy.

Jericho did a good job chasing down his prey.

Hayden was foiled eventually, by her triplet siblings...not cool hahaha.

Jericho had to take a turn being hunted.

Everyone was happy with their captures.

Frozen T's game next...Lisa always thinks up the best games. She folded up wet T-shirst for all the kids, each in their own ziplock bag...then she froze them. The first one to get their frozen shirt unfolded and on wins! Woohoo Mallory, you are the winner!

Even the adults got in on this one.

Nick...the best....he was cracking everyone up!

Of course our little dramam llama had to go get props LOL.

Why Lily, you look a little cold Hahaha.

The kids loved the wet head game too. So much so, that they would play it by themselves.

Lots of this of course.

Kitsune is quite the acrobatic, especially when jumping for water.

Back flip!

After enjoying a cupcake...hence the purple, Bug caught a cricket.

Then a water balloon fight got started.

The dog tried to attack Hahaha.

The sun started to set and the burn barrel got started. It chilled off fast.

It's the trunk monkey.

Shake your own ice cream...the kids arms couldn't handle much shaking.

Take your seats...this years family camp out movie entertainment is about to begin.

The Secret Life Of Pets...the kids loved it!
Another great camp out...can't wait for next year :)

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