Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Momma bear....um chicken.

Jericho got to go to his class today for 3 hours of testing before Kindy starts. He was super excited....me a little less, feels like the beginning of the end of me and Jericho time.
When I got back home from dropping him off, I checked on all the critters. I saw my broody Olive Egger chilling in some blackberries. She is the only one that really gets into staying on eggs, but so far she hasn't hatched anything.

Then I heard a tiny peep.
When I got closer she got up and there was a bitty olive egger baby. So tiny. I didn't even know she was sitting on a nest, 10 acres + 30 chickens and surprise babies happen I guess LOL.
May be the only one to hatch, but momma is a vicious protector so I am hopeful she will make it. I risked serious injury to just hold baby for a second for this picture.
She just stood there, looking pretty, so I had to get a picture of her too.

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