Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Snakes, bunnies and ponies...Oh My!

 I hope snakes don't freak you out. I found two garters just as the kids were walking down the driveway from school. Everyone but Lily came a running to grab a snake LOL.

Hayden grabbed up this big guy. His coloring was really awesome, the orange was so vivid.

What a beauty!

Hayden loved this snake, he was so chill with her too. She wanted to keep him so badly, we may have been tempted to allow her to for awhile if we had a tank ready. She eventually said goodbye and let him go though.

He was huge!

The other one was much smaller, probably a baby. It was silver and neat how many different colors garter snakes can come in.

The boys took turns holding the little guy.

I have no idea why his eyes are all blued out. Maybe he just shed or something. Looks weird.

His under belly area was pretty much the same blue as his eyes.

I played with the Silver Fox babies for a little bit...Scooter even came over to say hi. Scooter has become a lot more attentive to us now that Ava is gone.

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