Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another day, another party :)

All aboard the Choo choo! The kiddos headed to their friend Kenzie's 2nd Bday party today. Nick and Lisa throw a great choo choo party, and did a fantastic book exchange for all the kids instead of gifts. What an awesome idea!

All the kids got their very own engineer hats and bandana's, so fitting when they were all inside Kenzie's giant train :)

The train kept everyone entertained for a good 40min.

Jericho and the dogs were racing to see who could get the food that fell on the floor first. The 5 second rule need not apply, you need to move faster than that to beat the dogs LOL.

When he couldn't beat the dogs he moved up to begging...he could out beg them, he is so much cuter :)

Jericho kept cheesing at everyone out the choo choo window hehehe.

Birthday girls cake...her talented Momma made the fondant train!!!
Daredevil had to show off in front of all the other kids.

Lots of fun arts and crafts to keep everyone busy.

My future photographer!

I had to borrow Hayden's hat...Xander was big cheesing too!

Lily wanted to try out making this her bed. Silly girl.

I forgot to add pics of what I did to the girls hair today. Haddie got a triple braid.

Lily got this veil/spiderweb do :) It is starting to get so fun doing their hair...I am going to need a lot more ideas LOL.

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