Thursday, May 24, 2012

More sewing fun.

We jumped right back on the sewing machine today. The second dress went faster, we still need to do the straps on both but everything else is...well it is as good as it is gonna get. And for being put together by a couple of non-pro's, they look pretty darn good.

The kids wanted to help so bad, they got to watch a little. I hope they will learn how to do this from their is a good skill to have :)
See the tired boy in the booster seat in the back?

Someone needs a nappy hehehe.

The girls did a little letter writing. Hayden can now write a 'Q' on top of her fave letter the 'H', and is working on 'L's' next.

We have been working Karen's sewing maching pretty hard the last couple of days. It started acting up on us, I was so worried we were not going to be able to finish. Husband to the rescue, being married to a mechanic (even if he has never worked on a sewing machine before) pays off yet again! Jason got it back up and running!
Almost done...straps coming soon!

They love the dresses!

After nap time Jericho woke up with a renewed zest for being silly :)

Then we had dinner. Jericho was all over his spaghetti, er that should be his spaghetti was all over him.


RaeSchuft said...

definitely a good skill... wish now I'd paid more attention to my mom or during sewing class in middle school...

TripMomma said...

Yeah, my mom was not much help...and for the life of me I can not remember taking sewing in school.

RaeSchuft said...

we took it in middle school and i just remember getting in trouble for "sewing too fast"... I'd step on that peddle and the stitching would be happening fast and furious, not so accurate but fast ;)