Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting a late start.

I have not started on the triplets 4th Bday stuff yet, slacking big time here. We are doing a rainbow theme this year and, wouldn't you know, Pinterest has a ton of great ideas :) I had better get on it!

We had a little shopping to do today, while we were at the store the trio ran across the bikes. We had to drag them away, looks like the idea to get them their first big kid bikes will be a hit. Even though they have no where to ride them at our house, I hate the street we live on. Just yesterday Jason grabbed a 1 year old out of the middle of our crazy busy, a-holes drive 40MPH, street.

Xander loved this helmet, but Jason may have loved it more LOL

My Little Pony loving Lily found the perfect helmet LOL.

No one wanted to ride in the carts today.

Trying to get a picture for their invites...silly kids :)

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