Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have missed our walks!

Jason's Aunt Gail came to town to visit Jason's Dad, she stopped by for an hour or so to see us on her way out to Bend. The triplets were very excited to see her again, even though the last time they saw her they were only a couple months old.

Quite a difference. The trio with their Grandpa and Great Aunts way back when.
After Gail headed out the kids and I had lunch with Grandma and got started on some painting :)
Xander did a little hand print flower.

The girls did not want to do hand or finger painting today...a bit strange but whatever. They had fun using brushes instead.

Jericho was not complaining, he had some fun doing fingerprint dots all on his own, and a hand print butterfly with just a little help.

Then he decided to get a bit more messy!

Hayden got in trouble at school on Tuesday. She was mean to one of her teachers, and stuck out her tongue at her. So she got a time out and no snack at school. After school the teachers had her tell us what happened. Poor Hayden, she got all upset and started crying. So we talked it out and decided we would make an "I'm sorry" card. So today she made one, and helped me write in it. She did the 'H' totally by herself :)

With the nice weather we are enjoying our after dinner walks have been back on! They did amazing, there is a huge improvement from last year in the trio paying attention, looking for cars and being gentle with peoples flowers.

The kids did such a great job, they held hands when needed and didn't pick a single flower! Wish I could say the same for who ever walked by our house. When we left this lovely flower was in the ground, when we got back someone had picked it and just dropped it on the ground. Guess we will get to enjoy it inside for a while. Jerks!

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Christine Roosa said...

Isn't it funny how they get so excited to see someone they don't know from the dude on the street corner? Audrey is that way too about my sister and her grandparents.