Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am such a great wife :)

OK, don't want to break my arm...so I gave Jason the morning off, go me. Those that know us in real life know that I am totally spoiled by my amazing husband. I would list all the stuff he does for me, our kids and our home...heck even our pets, but you would seriously say to yourselves "well, what the hell does she do?" So I won't list just how disgustingly spoiled I am, I will say that for once I got up this morning and let Jason sleep in. He lets me sleep in almost 3 weeks out of the month so his turn was much over due. He was even nice enough to prep breakfast for me before going to bed last night. Spoiled I tell ya!

We (hey I put it in the oven LOL) made that yummy baked french toast again, just as good as the last time!

After Jason woke, very well rested, around 10:30am :) we headed over to visit Grandma for a little bit.
A little gardening help.
Then Hayden and Xander made a new friend.
He seemed unfazed by his close encounter and just kept trucking.

The fighting has started, 3 to a row is still TOTALLY worth it, but yeah this gets annoying. All I can think of is one of my favorite comedy DVD's 'Bill Cosby Himself', when he is doing the He's touching me, will you stop touching me skit. If you have never seen this DVD you HAVE to watch it...it is old but so funny especially for parents. I have loved it since I was a kid...but love it even more now that I am a mom. Just to entice you here is a page full of awesome quotes from it!

Look at Haddie, the best 'I wasn't doing anything' look :)

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