Thursday, May 31, 2012

48 hours alone with 4 kids under 4.*

Jason has been on back to back doubles at work. So I have been on my own with the munchkins wake up to bed time...boy am I beat. The weather was nice one of the days, thankfully, so they got to spend some time outside. The other day it rained and we were stuck inside all day. I am only a little embarrassed to admit to watching a lot of TV today.

Poor Xander took his first kick to the, um, tenders. You should have seen his eyes, they got HUGE then he kind of bent over and started saying "my butt, my butt, my butt hurts" hehehe. Hayden didn't mean to, but hopefully she is more careful in the future. Even so, I am sure it won't be his last time experiencing this :(

I can't believe it is the end of May already. I was just thinking back and remembered my baby shower for the triplets was May 18, 2008. I had stopped working a few days before, and thanks to going into preterm labor, I started my 6 weeks of hospital bedrest on May 30, 2008. I can't believe it has been 4 years since I had an 'out of the home' job. I wouldn't trade being covered in finger paint and kisses from my kids for anything, but man it has been a long time LOL.

Jericho climbing on some more stuff he shouldn't be.

The trio have started trying to corral the cats in their room. The kitty's make a break for it as often as they can, but as you see here, the kids just go back and try to get them again. Bye Woosaw, I will come save you in a min. LOL.
The kiddos truly love their Daddy, they have told me off and on all day for the last two days how much they love and miss him. So tonight as I was putting them to bed we made a little 1 min long video saying goodnight and blowing him kisses and sent it to his phone :) Then my dear Haddie asks me who will see them in the morning, they like to ask this every night...I think my kids are planners. I tell her very excitedly that her Daddy will be waking them up. I was just as excited for them as I was for myself...that means I get to sleep in. Well Hayden just took things too far. She tells me "Yay Momma, just don't wake up Mom, you just don't wake up my Daddy will be here" hmpfh, I sure hope she didn't mean she didn't want me to never wake up LMAO.

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