Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctors, cow kisses and a Kitty party!

Jericho had his Doctor appt. this morning, it went well. At 16 months old our little bean is almost 23 lbs, hard to believe Xander and Hayden were 24 lbs at their 1 yr appt, Lily was 23 lbs. The trio were so much chunkier than Jericho is LOL. He checked out with no signs of ear infection or strep, or any other reason for this fever, which means it is probably viral. They do think the seizure was another febrile brought on by the fever, so now we know that first one was not a fluke. She said usually kids that do this grow out of it by 3, she also said they do not cause any lasting damage. We were advised to keep on the fever reducers, and with him since he will probably do this every time, to alternate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen every three hours so he doesn't get the chance to spike. She told me for any future seizures, if I am able to combat the panic LOL, that I need not call 911 or go to the ER, or even take him in to see them, just call and let them know when he has one so they can keep track in his file. She did say if he does NOT have a fever or the shaking lasts longer than 5 min. to go ahead and call 911 or get him in to the ER. Easier said than done I think! It is so scary to see your baby having a seizure, your first instinct is to get help...I just hope he never has another one so I won't have to worry about it.

He was feeling fine at and after the appointment, he is another one of those everything gets worse at night kids...he ended up going back up to 103 later in the evening. But while he was feeling good we stopped for a few things at the store, he loves walking around grabbing things :)
Not too impressed with milk in plastic jug form Har Har Har.

Later at home, Miss Haddie was being super silly. I am not sure where they got it from but the kids are all about "cow kisses." Wet sloppy fun times :) Here I am thinking my Daddy's girl just wants to be sweet and snuggle with her Momma.
Hayden had other plans.

Silly girl :) She did make me laugh today. Jericho was bugging her, climbing up on her, trying to pull her hair...pesty little brother stuff. She calls to me and says "Mommy come get Jericho he is driving me crazy" LMAO ummm I have no idea where she heard that :)
A little later my very helpful children decided they would clean their room by dumping their water bottles out all over the floor and mirror, and themselves. They actually came to tell us, quite proudly, that they had cleaned their room, and acted very taken aback by our less than thrilled response. When Jason and I demanded that they get towels and clean it all up, the three of them just start singing "sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale." Perhaps they felt like they were forced into slave labor like poor Cinderella LOL.

After he got changed into a dry shirt, because of course he got the most drenched, Xander pulled this flower out of his backpack and said he picked it for me at school. Awww <3

Poor boogie, he passed out for his nap like this.
After dinner we had a little craft time. The kids got an invite to their friend Bella's birthday party. The trio love Bella, they ask about her all the time. I think the feeling is mutual, her mom shared a little conversation she had with Bella...too cute!
Miss Bella and her mom...Bella-"mom, Xander and I are going on a date. We are going to go to the park and a movie. Then we are going to go to Xanders house. That's alot to do today! "
 Mom - "Did xanders mom say it was ok?"
Bella- "of course, because im a princess"
Anyway, since getting the invite the trio want to go NOW. They had a couple meltdowns today when I tired to tell them the party was not for another week and a half. So we made a count down chart, they don't get it quite yet, but hopefully after a few days they will have a better understanding of time.

Bella's Bday theme is Hello Kitty, so now my kids are crazy for this little feline that they saw on the invite. I made the count down chart all Hello Kitty'd up :)
The kids got to color the kitties.

Jericho did a little drawing...until he started eating the crayons.

I cut out their kitties, then they glued them to a bigger paper.

1 down, many to go LOL.

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