Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love watching them play together!*

We spent a lot of our time outside today. Lily was cracking me up. I was putting shoes and socks on the kids so they could go out and play. Lily's sock was messed up, as I was trying to twist and pull it to get it on straight she says "Momma, I have 'sock-o-sis', twisted bumpy sock" LMAO thanks Doc McStuffins! She was full of funny today, a little later Lily and Haddie were pretending to be My Little Pony, ponies. They were calling each other pony names and so I asked them where are their "cutie marks." Lily turned around and told me "Mom we are triplets, triplets are not ponies with cutie marks." LOL.

You can kind of see a fleeing butterfly, I find myself saying run butterfly run everytime hahaha.

We did a little digging, and Hayden found a baby worm.

I got a little funky with Lily's hair today....she loves it. It took an hour so I hope it lasts longer than a day.

My little man...he is such a big boy, he just amazes me.

As I was inside making their lunch, I hear my little goat baby tapping on the window and calling...Jericho says Momma but it often sounds an awful lot like a lamb baaing LOL. He had climbed himself up there and was banging on the window demanding his lunch :)
After lunch we headed back out and I got to see some sillyness go down on the slide. They were climbing up and then sliding down into each other, then they would all fall over and laugh...and get back up to do it again. Silly kiddos!

Such a silly it!

Sweet Bug <3
Handsome baby boy :)

They started reenacting one of their pony shows where they ponies were saving each other.

Awww hugs.
When Daddy got home he brought a sprinkler with him! Xander was ALL about it, they didn't even bother putting on swimsuits.

Hayden is not our water baby...she tries to lean in and fill up a bucket.
Did I mention my 16 month old is a beast, and tries to do everything the big kids are doing as fast as possible? He is now a fan of the swing...and he doesn't need a baby seat.

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