Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun in Bend with Grandpa and Auntie Stacie!

Unfortunately Jason's dad is not feeling well, so we took a drive down to Bend this weekend. It is about 3 1/2 hours each way, we were lucky that all of the kids slept for about 2 hours of it! It has been a long time since we last took the kids to Bend, the triplets were just 13 months old and we were dropping off one of the Gangster/Sakari oops puppies to her new home with Auntie Stacie LOL.

You can not go from Portland to Bend without stopping at this famous spot! Yummy!

The kiddos did a great job on the ride there. Hayden was very entertaining with her, very loud, singing. Well maybe not if you ask Lily, who started putting her hand to her head and hushing Hayden by about the 6th song hahaha.

We stopped for lunch at a McD's...I know, but we needed a place where they could get some energy out and we were on the clock. This one had a really nice play area, that my kids had all to themselves.

Jericho was all over it! He climbed right up all by himself, with me following him, then played in the car for a couple min and went right down the slide. Then it was just over and over and over, once we saw that he could do it alone without getting hurt we just let him at it :)
He prefers to slide down on his tummy.
Getting them to stop and eat was not so easy. That is just water...for the kids anyway, they haven't had soda and we are hoping to keep it that way for as long as we can!

When we made it to Grandpa's the munchkins went right outside to run off some more energy. Auntie Stacie was a lot of fun...they love playing with her.

The kids really enjoyed the big yard and all the trees and pinecones. They even made cone barriers around baby trees :)
The neighbor had a sweet play house/tree fort all in one. I had to take a picture so Jason had an example when he is making the kids one, one of these years LOL

We headed inside to see Grandpa for a few min. He had some gifts for the kiddos.
Then it was back outside for more exploring. It was such a nice day! The trio were walking along these, so of course Jericho had to try...he biffed it a couple times.

The girls talked Auntie Stacie into singing for them. Seeing as her CD is one of the kids faves the private concert was a huge hit! They were dancing all around...Lily was even dancing with her Barbie, by holding its hands and twirling around and around, it was pretty funny.

Haddie got in on a little duet action...nice moves too LMAO! The video is only 50 seconds long.

Can you believe that cute little puppy that we dropped off 3 years ago (see link above for pics) has grown into this horse???
Somersaults with Auntie Stacie!

Bed time during our Grants Pass vacation was not fun. We didn't know what to expect this time, the kids are almost a year older but you never know. I am happy to report it only took about an hour to get all 4 to fall asleep...even better, Jason and I got back up and had some chill time and didn't have to go to bed too just to make sure the kids stayed in bed!

They were so excited to sleep next to each other :)

Out cold!
Tonight was supposed to be a "Super Moon" so we stepped out front to check it out, while it was big and pretty I don't know that it looked the 10% bigger that is was supposed to.

Tired and ready for bed after a long fun day...gotta rest up for another great day tomorrow!

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