Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to the grind.

Home again, home again jiggty jig :) It is back to business as usual around here. Jericho is 100% again, thank goodness, and the trio are as wonderful as ever.

I did get out for a couple hours by myself today. A bunch of my jury duty crew got together for lunch and then a quick chat with the judge. It was so nice to see most of them again, we actually are planning a BBQ for later this summer. I guess spending 8 weeks with each other and going through all that we did...we have a little bond going on.

When I got home everyone was outside playing. It was a beautiful day and we were out soaking it up!
Speaking of soaking it up, Xander has a new fun way to enjoy their water table LOL.

Haddie staying cool. I love teaching them "big" words. Just today they were offering "refreshing" water to their Daddy to keep him "hydrated" :)

That would be left over PB&J that Dad gave them for lunch all over Haydens face. Jericho is now eating a half of sandwhich...whole no more cutting it up for him! The trio think it is so cool that he is starting to do "big kid" stuff like they do.
Remember all the bird/squirrel feeders we put out? This is the only remnants left, of about a dozen. Guess they were a hit hahaha.

Water long as they are doing the spraying :) Hayden especially loves to soak others but gets a bit upset if anyone soaks her....then it is all "No! You only spray on the grass!" LOL

Lil Boogie <3

What is the most annoying thing about having a 16 month old who will not give up the boobie. Yeah the CONSTANT need to diddle the nips. Even in his sleep hahaha.
Lily saw me taking a pic of the diddler and asked to be in one.

Then she went and jumped on the trampoline...until she passed out :) All this outdoor activity has the bigs wanting to take a nap again most days!
Our lone remaining thumb sucker.
Jason BBQ'd up some chicken and corn on the cob. I gave a couple of these a try...not too bad.

The kids are such little door policers...even Jericho, the bigs even lock the door. I am glad safety is rubbing off but man when it is nice and hot I wish they would leave the door alone hahaha.
Blowing me a kiss...awww :) He is getting so grown up. He is now saying: up, bye bye, hi, purple, momma, dadda, nununu (nonono,) he is close on bed, more and boobie...of course LOL. He understands SO much more, I would just about every word we say he knows what we are talking about. Now if he would just start sleeping through the night!

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