Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 has been chill so far.

We have had a quiet 2015. It started good right away, the fireworks didn't wake the kids or the puppy!

 Today we got out of the house for a little walk and spent a few minutes at the park. It was in the mid 50's here and with a couple layers not too uncomfortable. Kitsune joined us, she had fun...but man is she a pain in the butt. I don't think the people that live around the park are going to like seeing her coming next time LOL. This is what she was doing whenever she felt left out.

She couldn't stand to not follow the kids everywhere they went. She was only happy when everyone was together...and on the ground. She really does love them...even if she mostly shows it with nips.

My big 4 year old boy!

Still needs a little help from his big bro from time to time.

Wonder when she will actually make it up this ladder...I wouldn't put anything past her LOL.

Little Miss Kitsune turned 10 weeks old a couple days ago...she has really grown a lot over the 3 weeks we have had her home. Most of that growth was just this last week...we started giving her raw food in addition to her Taste Of The Wild kibble, she LOVES it. I think she is probably 12 lbs or so now, she had her last sink bath a few days ago...she is too big for that now. Her coat is starting to get lighter, I can't wait to see where it ends up.

She is such a smarty pants. She is still doing her daily short training sessions, she has just about added "down" to her list of commands she knows. She has "sit" down, "here" (come) with a sit right in front down, she knows to focus on my eyes when I say "focus" or "watch me", she knows to bring her ball when I say "bring it", she knows "out" (to release an object) and "off"...though those two are the commands she minds the least LOL. Next we will start working on heel...I foresee this one being hard for my little leader.

She is lucky she's cute...she is the biggest pain. She has found her voice for sure, she barks out in the yard, she barks to come in, she barks when someone rings or knocks. Not that I am totally complaining, but she hasn't learned "enough" yet LOL.

They were looking for frogs.

Kitsune is a pain to walk with the kids too. She has a serious "Me first" problem. She freaks out when people are in front of her, but as soon as she is in the lead she is quiet LOL.

Yesterday did have one dark, yet funny, bump. We hit a new all time low in the not nice things that come out of an angry child's mouth. Lily was giving me attitude because I wasn't letting her do something. 
She looks at me and says.....
"You are not going to see my children grow up." 
Oh my goodness. OUCH...really, that seems harsh Bug?! I can laugh at it, because I know she really is a sweet pea and doesn't mean it beyond dramatic effect. My little drama Queen.

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