Monday, January 19, 2015

Funny find at the pet store.

Our Beta fish, Squidward, will be getting a new home in his little tank. Jason came home from the pet store with this...he said it was too fitting to pass up LOL.

Jason made Kitsune a little training toy. She seems to like it, it is fun to go fishing for puppies!

Kitsune is 12 1/2 weeks old and 18 lbs now, and we had to retire her red harness finally. She looks so pretty in purple :)

She may not be very big, I have started calling her my pocket this rate I am not sure she will even hit 50 lbs as an adult, but she has brains and beauty going for her.

She is sure cute.

This pic makes her look deceptively larger than she is. Notice the dirty nose from digging...naughty girl.

Jason and I both totally spaced that there was no school today, imagine our surprise when we pull up to a totally dark and empty school. Dang it, we could have slept in...well probably not, but we could have at least had a chill morning.
The kids didn't mind the canceled school day...more time to play.
These two are besties for sure, so cute!

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