Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Story time at the library.

All you need is love, and ranch dip. Jericho called me over to take a picture of the heart that he shaped his ranch dip into LOL.

I found out by email yesterday, what is it with the last minute notices PTA?? that our school was having a thing at the local library tonight. I really had no intentions of going, Jason was working and probably the very last thing on my list of fun things to do with 4 kids by myself is take them to a library. Quiet and books...yeah probably not.

 Imagine my surprise, and annoyance, when my kids came home begging to go. Who the heck told them??
A friend, and classmate, was going so I decided to go. The last PTA thing at that itty bitty McDonald's was crazy packed, but something told me not quite as many families would show up to the library. Sadly I was right, guess eating crap food is higher on some folks priority list that taking your kids to the library...I was a little surprised at just how few families showed up, but then again, not really.

We ended up having a great time, no one got "Shhhh'ed" and no books got destroyed, win! We spent 2 hours and the kids would have stayed longer if it wasn't already a half hour past their bed time. The trio had not been to a library in 5 years, the last time we went they were just babies. This was Jericho's first visit to one. They are all hooked and want to go back this weekend.

Everyone spent lots of time looking through the enormous amount of books, I forgot how massive library's are. The whole first floor was the kids section and DVD's.

This pic is kinda cute...all 4 of them in one place, for just a minute then they were off again.

Bless the book restockers, what a chore that must be every night.

They found a nice spot to sit and read.

This prompted a few bars of "Everything is awesome" LOL.

Checking out the computers.

They got to hear 4 different books read too.

They can't wait to get their own cards LOL. I think we will be spending more time at the library.

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