Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cute chicks, and crazy dogs.

Since chicks grow at pretty much the speed of light, my photo opportunities for getting pics of them this tiny and adorable are fleeting. I spent a few minutes attempting to get some cute shots today. Chicks are HARD to get pictures of let me tell you LOL. Between needing to be as quick as I could so I could get them back to their heat lamp, and them not wanting to sit still a second...I am surprised I got anything at all.

I put them in this cute little basket, they of course wanted to try to jump/flutter out.

Miss Belle, the little Easter Egger.

I just love her little beard, I can't wait to see what she looks like all grown up...since she is a mixed breed I have no idea, it will be a total surprise.
What is harder than trying to photograph one little chick...toss 3 more into the picture LOL.

Anna, the Barnevelder, is cooperating...not sure what her sisters are doing.

2 out of 4...getting closer.

It was like an exercise in futility LOL.

Lucky for them they are cute, even when they are not cooperating.
Jasmine and Anna, so sweet.
Jasmine is supposed to be a Barred Plymouth Rock, be those babies look amazingly similar to the Cuckoo Marans, I think I picked a Barred Rock, but I won't be 100% until she starts to get feathers.

Could Mulan be any more adorable? The Silver Laced Wyandotte's are so pretty...can't wait for her beautiful feathers to start coming in.

My one shot where all 4 are sort of looking the same way at the same time LOL.
The kids have wanted to hold the babies since we walked them in the door. Today they each got a short turn.

They were very careful and gentle. The kiddos weren't ready to put them back, these chicks are going to get a lot of hands on care I think.

My friend Dina and her kiddos came over for dinner, a movie and some crazy dog socialization time.
A VERY rare moment where Lycan was not going 100 miles a minute trying to sexually harass poor Kitsune. Don't feel too bad for her though, my little half pint is tougher than she looks. She was LOUDLY kicking his butt most of the 4 hours they were here LOL.

Toward the end they started chilling, just a smidge. They played a little tug of war with each other.

The chicks got a little more attention before the night was over.

Aww such a sweet moment.

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