Saturday, January 17, 2015

Puppies are crazy.

We headed back to the library this morning, the trio couldn't wait to show their Dad this cool place. It is so easy to spend two hours + here.

The trio got their first library cards, they are so excited...and feeling quite grown up.

My big proud of their very own cards.

They love tech time, thankfully they listen pretty well when we tell them it is time for books.

Showing them the check out process. How far have we come...self check out at the library, I wondered for a second if I was at a grocery store LOL.

They each checked out all by themselves.

Jericho needed a little lift LOL.

Our friends came over for dinner, they brought their little ball of energy, AKA Lycan, with them. I have decided I need to take back every gripey thing I have ever said about Kitsune being a pain in the ass. She is like a mini lap Dutchie compared to this wild imp on speed. He never quit, the entire like 5 hours they were here...never. I don't know if Kitsune was absent the day they passed out the wired can't stop trait, or if it is still coming...but dayum. He is almost 4 months old and cute as can be, but now I know what other Dutchie owners are talking about when they say they go, go, go. Kitsune, little love, please don't go this nuts LOL.

She doesn't have a ton of dog meet and greets but these two seemed to hit it off pretty well. They played hard, and snarly loud, for hours. You would think there was a 5 hour long dog fight in our house, but that is just these two crazy kids playing.

Lots of tug games.

She is going to crash hard tonight, this is the most doggy fun she has had since leaving her brothers and sisters.

She was barky when my friends crew first got here, but after maybe 5 minutes she warmed up and made a bunch of new friends. So cute!

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